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Leads of 1,000+ Global Ecommerce Store Owners Database from Linkedin scraped using Sales Navigator, Apollo and other web scrapers.

Attributes of the ecommerce owners database leads: This database has scattered informations not perticularly arranged all in each cell. Nonetheless, you will fine the details in the file:

  • Name
  • Designation
  • Email address
  • Phone number (optional)
  • Website address
  • Location (optional)
  • Linkedin profile links
  • social media profile links (optional)
  • Platofrm used to host the website (optional)

Sample Data from this excel sheet: Please reach out to us here for sample database


Use cases for Ecommerce Owners Database

    1. Marketing Agencies & SaaS Providers
      • Targeted Outreach: Reach the right ecommerce business owners with precision.
      • Personalized Campaigns: Tailor your messages to address specific needs.
      • Lead Generation: Prioritize high-potential leads for better conversions.
    2. Market Researchers & Investors
      • Trend Analysis: Identify the latest trends in ecommerce.
      • Competitive Insights: Discover promising startups for investment.
      • Data-Driven Research: Gain insights into ecommerce success factors.
    3. Logistics & Technology Providers
      • Partnership Opportunities: Find potential collaborators in ecommerce.
      • Service Expansion: Connect with businesses needing your solutions.
      • Cross-Promotions: Create mutually beneficial promotional opportunities.
    4. Networking & Community Builders
      • Event Invitations: Boost attendance with targeted invites.
      • Community Engagement: Foster networking and knowledge sharing.
      • Membership Growth: Grow your professional network.
    5. Content Creators & Thought Leaders
      • Expert Interviews: Enrich your content with industry insights.
      • Insightful Articles: Provide valuable content with firsthand perspectives.
      • Thought Leadership: Build credibility through collaborations and success stories.

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